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Business Promotion through Wristbands

Promoting your business and standing out from the crowd can be a minefield. One way to differentiate yourself from others is through the use of Wristbands.

Most people associate Wristbands with attending parties or festivals but their adoption has exploded into other areas in recent years. Many marketing campaigns now include Wristbands as standard due to the flexibility of use they offer. That is why Wristbands for Business are a great way to gain exposure.

Branded Wristbands give Companies the opportunity to be recognised and associated with particular events. Wearers of the Wristbands will identify with that Brand or Company more closely. Advancements in technology mean Wristbands can even be linked to Apps or Smartphones.

Not-for-profit Organisations can also benefit from the use of Wristbands with wearers generating interest or awareness for their particular cause.

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Why are Wristbands well suited for Events?

Unlike many other forms of promotional attire, Wristbands are often worn for weeks or months after a specific event has finished. A T Shirt bought or worn at a specific event might be worn only a handful of times despite the relatively high cost. Technology also plays an important part with some Wristbands able to act as wireless, cash free payment systems. When patrons prepay spend on their Wristband they often spend more than they otherwise might with a regular payment system.

In addition to their flexibility, Wristbands remain a comparatively inexpensive way of promoting your Brand. Printed Tyvek Wristbands start at just 10c per Unit for orders of 100 Units. Bulk discounts are available on orders of 1,000+ units. Brands can add their Logo, Slogan, Social Links and even QR codes to engage with wearers and others. With a near infinite choice of colours, designs, etc there is a Wristband available to suit almost all events and Brand requirements.

Wristbands for Business
Custom Printed Tyvek Wristbands for Business

Speed of production is another area where Printed Wristbands excel. At we print Tyvek Wristbands same day and they are often delivered next working day. The lead time for other promotional material often runs into several weeks when it is often difficult to accurately predict the number of attendees at a specific venue or event.

Promoting your Organisation with Wristbands

  • Sponsor an event with Wristbands and include your Logo/Branding
  • Distribute free Wristbands at a Trade Fair event or equivalent. Many vendors at these type of events are looking for collaborations which may tie in with your own goals
  • Personalising your Wristband design for a specific event is a great way to stand out from the crowd which may have generic promotional items.
  • Include QR Codes or calls to action so people who are wearing or seeing your Wristband become engaged with your Brand.
  • If Customers purchase other goods or services from you, include some branded Wristbands free of charge to showcase the concept
  • Wearing a Wristband yourself is a great way to interact with others and creates networking opportunities.


Small businesses and startups without enormous marketing budgets need to find savvy and creative ways to grow their reach. Wristbands for Business are a great way of reaching large numbers of people in a very inexpensive way. With so much flexibility in terms of design, colour, etc we feel Wristbands are a great way of gaining exposure to groups of people your Organisation or Brand are keen to engage with. Feel free to contact us and let us show you how Wristbands can work for you. Check out our 5* score on Trustpilot with reviews from customers who have recently ordered – where they give honest feedback about the product and service.