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Festival wristbands – Custom woven wristbands for festivals and events

If you need festival wristbands that will be worn for a number of days / weeks or even months then fabric wristbands is the most effective solution. Our custom festival wristbands are strong and secure and are perfect for multi-day passes.

We all have at least one friend who never takes the wristband off after a festival and is still wearing it months or even years later! This shows both the comfort and durability that these types of wristbands offer.

Offered in both woven and satin finishes we can guide you as to the best method for your festival. Both methods offer endless design possibilities to ensure the wristband resonates with the desired message. Depending on the exact use of the wristband there are 2 types of lock mechanisms which offer either a tamperproof solution (for security reasons) or a removable solution (for fundraising). Fabric wristbands are the step up from Tyvek and offer a longer lasting more secure option.

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