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Festival Wristbands – Fabric Wristbands

Custom woven Festival Wristbands for long term events

Festival Wristbands

If you are looking for Festival Wristbands that will be worn for a number of days / weeks or even months then fabric wristbands are the most effective solution. Our custom festival wristbands are strong and secure and are perfect for multi-day passes. They are 100% waterproof and can be supplied with a lock that means that the band cannot be transferred once it is applied. This makes festival bands ideal to control entrance for long term events such as music festivals and they are very common across Europe in the busy summer months. We all have at least one friend who never takes the wristband off after a festival and is still wearing it months or even years later! This shows both the comfort and durability that these types of wristbands offer and why they are the best option for long term use. 

We offer two types of finishes for Festival Wristbands; the most common being sublimated and the other being woven. Sublimated bands are a softer material and the design is printed directly onto the band and can include very detailed logos and in effects such as gradients or shadows. The woven finish is made by various different threads of material woven together to form the design. This method means that woven Festival Wristbands should only be used for simple designs such as one or two colour logos or text. Most customers require barrel locks on the wristband, but we also offer metal and plastic beads which means that the band can be removed if required. Fabric Festival Wristbands are a step up from Tyvek and offer a longer lasting more secure option, which is reflected in the increase in price when compared to the paper bands which can only be worn for 1-2 days. Production time for Fabric wristbands is 10-14 days from confirmation of artwork and order. 

Festival Wristbands
Festival Wristbands

Silicone Wristbands for Festivals

Score: 3/5

Summary: Festivals who operate on a paid entrance system rarely use Silicone wristbands as they can be removed and transferred to third parties. Silicone bands can be distributed to guests as a souvenir or keepsake which they can keep and wear long after the event is over. Unfortunately, silicone wristbands do not offer the same level of security as other Wristbands which offer a locked/single use closure.



  • Silicone bands can be worn for months or even years which makes them attractive for long term purposes. Wearers enjoy the flexibility of being able to wear/remove the rubber band at their discretion. 
  • Festival organisers have full flexibility with design on a Silicone Wristband. Logos, Text and even QR Codes can be printed. This allows Festivals and Sponsors to engage with the wearer more directly. 


  • Rubber silicone wristbands do not offer a fixed or locked closure. As a result they are not suitable for monitoring attendees or numbers of patrons at any specific event. This can cause problems where attendance numbers need to be monitored to avoid overcrowding.
  • Silicone bands require a mould to be created and as such they require approximately two weeks to be delivered. There are other options available to Festivals which may be preferred.

Fabric Wristbands for Festivals

Score: 5/5

Summary: Woven or Printed Fabric wristbands are sometimes referred to as festival wristbands as that is where they are most commonly found. Fabric are well suited for wearing over a long period and can be used in outdoor environments as they are waterproof. Event organisers can personalise the wristband and include any Text or Logo required. Fabric Festival Wristbands can be woven or Printed depending on the complexity of the design. Several different closure options are also available.



  • For festivals of 2+ day duration, Fabric wristbands are the ideal product – Extremely durable, cheap and eco friendly with Bamboo closures now available.
  • Fabric bands are also waterproof, tamper proof and easily identify different groups. Sponsors can include their logo and cover some or all of the cost of the Wristbands. Guests often wear the wristband long after the event takes place.


  • Due to setup costs Fabric Wristbands are expensive when compared to Tyvek Wristbands. Cost per Unit falls dramatically for orders of 500+ Festival Fabric Wristbands.

Tyvek Wristbands for Festivals

Score: 3/5

Summary: Paper tyvek wristbands are ideally suited for 24-48 hour use. As such, Festivals of a longer duration may find that Fabric or Vinyl Wristbands are more appropriate. Paper Wristbands can still be used inside a Festival for a more specific purpose such as allowing entrance to a VIP or Backstage area. However, many Festivals last 3+ days and in this case Fabric Woven Wristbands would likely be more suitable.



  • Due to a minimum order quantity of 50 units, Tyvek Wristbands can be used to indicate Staff, Press, Backstage, VIP, Etc
  • Paper Wristbands are affixed in a matter of seconds to ensure no delays at point of entrance
  • Tags are Waterproof and tamper proof which makes them well suited ideal for outdoor environments regardless of weather conditions


  • Paper Tyvek Wristbands are only suited for events lasting 1 to 2 days. With many Festivals lasting longer than this Fabric or Vinyl Wristbands may be more appropriate.
  • Festival goers often like to wear a Wristband many weeks/months after the event. This is not possible with a Tyvek Wristband which shows signs of wear and tear after 48 hours use.
Festival Wristbands
Festival Wristbands

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