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Personalized Wristbands for Event Promoters
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Customized Tyvek Wristbands for Event Promoters and Promoters

Event organisers often have a million things to worry about. At Wristbands Europe, we are part of the solution to make things that little bit easier. We understand the complexities that come with organising events on a regular basis or as a one off function. We ensure that Wristbands are not and will not be the cause of any problems for your event no matter how big or small it may be. Paper Tyvek Wristbands are the go to product for many event organisers due to the economical price and fast turnaround. Even personalised Wristbands can be delivered within 24 hours to the majority of locations. Crowd and entrance control no longer needs to be a headache for those running popular events. Whether you need 50,000 or 100 Wristbands we are able to accommodate any order as we hold millions of bands in stock and print in house without involving third parties in the manufacturing process.

Paper wristbands have exploded in popularity in recent years and are used by venues across Europe including Bars, Clubs, Schools, Hotels, Beach Lidos, Water parks, Theme Parks, etc. Promoters hosting VIP or areas with restricted access can use Wristbands with a different colour or design to differentiate between regular guests and VIP groups. Being single use products, Wristbands cannot be removed or tampered with once affixed which gives organisers peace of mind that only intended guests enter restricted areas of their venue.

Paper tyvek wristbands can be custom printed and fully customised. We are able to print text, logos, social icons/details and even QR codes onto paper Wristbands. This level of printing has a two-fold impact – First and foremost it ensures that nobody can avoid paying the relevant charges to enter the venue for the event. Secondly organisers who include social details and/or hashtags see increased engagement with their Patrons online which generates repeat custom. Paper wrist bands are the best product to control entrance and access at events or venues. Wristbands are often used to identify groups of people such as VIPs, Birthdays, guest list, staff, backstage and more. Tyvek Wristbands are the cheapest and fastest product we offer which means we can help Promoters or Organisers even if they require Wristbands at short notice.

If you are hosting an event then we have 19 different Wristband colour options to choose from. Several venues use a different colour wristband each day to ensure patrons who have paid for access on a particular day do not get re-admitted the following day. Different colours can also be used by different promoters to ensure the work done by different promoters is reflected. Paper bands can be used for festivals but will last approx 48 hours before requiring replacement. Events running 2+ days should consider Fabric Festival Wristbands which will comfortably last for weeks or even months. Bulk discounts are available and Organisers can get 10,000 Printed Tyvek Wristbands for just €0.045 per Unit. As an additional security feature, Tyvek Wristbands carry two sets of sequential numbers to ensure that the bands can be accounted for. This also allows promoters to monitor and keep track of the wristbands and those distributing/wearing them. Many organisers prefer Wristbands to standard flyers which are often discarded on the floor or in a pocket/bag and would not otherwise be noticed. Bands are often far more secure than a stamp which can easily be copied by those trying to gain access under false pretences.

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