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Custom Vinyl Wristbands in Europe

Custom Printed Vinyl Wristbands for adults and children

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Custom Vinyl Wristbands are a great long term product ideal for use that is measured in weeks rather than in hours or days. The highly durable plastic material is waterproof and tamperproof and can withstand chemicals in swimming pools and direct sunlight. These chracteristics make it the perfect product for hotels or venues where they are expected to be worn for weeks. Vinyl wristbands are available across all countries in Europe and are made from plastic material which can be recycled after they are worn. They can also be customized to include text and logos, which are visible when the band is worn.

We offer three types of finish on these wristbands; those being gloss, reflex and matt. Depending on where the bands will be worn, will determine which finish is most appropriate. Some of our most popular colours include; black, white, yellow, red, gold, silver and blue. Custom Vinyl wristbands are made to fit both adults and children – so there is no need to order differenet sizes. The lock simply adjusts to fit the size of the wrist easily and the band can be applied in seconds at a reception or the entrance to a venue.

One of the great advantages that vinyl wristbands have is that they cannot be removed or transferred once they are worn. They can only be cut off and the lock mechanism means that they cannot be reapplied or removed and worn again. This is perfect for when controlling entrance to sensitive areas of any venue or hotel. Other uses for these customized vinyl wristbands include for VIP events where tyvek bands are not felt appropriate or for other long term events that last weeks. Click on the icons above to begin designing your customized vinyl wristbands.

The two icons above show the two most popular types of vinyl wristbands that are available to order via the website. Both of them can be customized to include logos and text on the printable area which is shown at the next step. On the left is the standard L shaped wristband which is ideal for long term use and is very effective. It is ordered by clients looking for a durable, waterproof product that can withstand the elements such as water, dirt and sun. It is made from plastic and has a locking mechanism which fits all sizes. Using our interactive designer, clients are able to upload logos and add text to create a unique design. This is then previewed on screen and all elements can be moved around to create the desired outcome. The print area that is visible when the band is worn is only about 150mm, so we recommend using only simple text, icons or logos when creating your design. Using too many elements will mean that they have to be small to fit in – and the smaller they are the harder they are to see when the band is worn.

The other type of vinyl band available is the tabbed vinyl band – which has detachable tabs. These tabs are normally printed to show icons such as food or drink, but can have numbers or other things printed onto them. The tabbed vinyl wristbands are very  commonly found at corporate events where each guest exchanges one tab for either food or drink at the venue. We can include any icons on the tabs, but to keep the website simple we have included food or drink. If you require other icons please contact us. The production time for customized vinyl plastic wristbands in Europe is approximately 10-14 days from when the order is confirmed. For plain vinyl bands contact our sales team who have a certain number in stock and can deliver them in 1-2 days. 

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