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Hotel wristbands – Custom printed plastic vinyl wristbands for hotels and events

Vinyl wristbands offer the most secure and long lasting option and are very popular with hotels and resorts that rely on the durability of wristbands. Our hotel wristbands are lightweight but extremely resilient to wear and tear and can be worn for weeks at a time without the need for replacement. The print method ensures that the design remains unblemished even after exposure to sun, sea, sand, spas and any other activity at such venues.

There are various types of vinyl wristbands including the wide faced variety which allows for more information to be printed. Choose from a multitude of colour options and be safe in the knowledge that the closing mechanism is tamperproof. Hotels often print one design in various colour options and use the colours to differentiate between guests; Red = All inclusive, Blue = Bed & breakfast, Yellow = Half board, Green = room only, etc. Vinyl wristbands are also a great option when the duration to be worn is longer than 1-2 days and as such Tyvek would not be suitable.

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