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Fabric wristbands (also known as woven bands or fanbands) are a great, long lasting and secure option for your event logistical needs. They are a flexible product with various types of materials and also locking mechanisms. This means the product can be tailored to the specific use depending on the event.

We produce custom fabric wristbands in three types of finish; either silkscreen, woven or sublimated. The woven bands offer a classic feel and look and are made of up to 8 coloured threads giving that ‘handmade’ feel. These type of wristbands are commonly associated with music festivals and are one of our most popular products. The satin cloth material used for sublimated wristbands is produced with a transfer direct onto the band which means intricate designs and even gradients can be added to the wristband.

Fabric Wristbands are very difficult to counterfeit and offer a secure and extremely durable option. They can be worn for weeks and even months at a time and are a good eco friendly wristband. Many customers use Fabric wristbands for long term use and as a superior product to Tyvek wristbands. A 10 day production time applies for Personalised Fabric Wristbands with a minimum order of just 100 units. Prices can be found in the table below.

Chat to us via live chat for more information or send us an email on to request a visual proof and order your Fabric wristbands. Artwork is to be supplied in the following dimensions; 350mm width * 15mm height.

Please note that production time for Custom Fabric Wristbands is approximately two weeks from when the order is placed.

If you have a deadline sooner than two weeks we offer a Super Express production method which takes approximately 6-10 days. This option is available in the cart section and can be chosen at that stage.

Please contact our sales team if you have any specific deadline so that we can confirm which production method is possible. 

  • Available in multiple colours
  • Nontransferable
  • Extremely durable
  • Minimum order 100 units
  • 10 day lead-time
  • 2 option locking mechanism
100 €115 €115 €16
200 €150 €150 €16
500 €230 €225 €18
1000 €340 €320 €22
2000 €490 €460 €40
3000 €640 €600 €60
5000 €880 €850 €120
10000 €1550 €1500 €230

Fabric Wristbands Score: 4/5

Fabric Wristbands are considered by many as a premium product due to their comfort and also durability. They are undoubtedly the ideal product for long term use at events such as festivals or any outdoor event taking place for longer than 2-3 days. One of our most popular types of fabric wristbands are woven wristbands which offer the ‘handmade’ feel 
bought about with the way the different threads are sewn together. Sublimated wristbands are also commonly chosen by customers looking for a long term wristband solution where they can include detailed logos and artwork. Fabric wristbands are a step up in quality and durability from Tyvek wristbands and are fully customizable. They are a one size fits all product that can be worn by both aduts and children as the lock will close depending on the size of the wearer. Festival wristbands have different locking options meaning that the wristbands can be worn just once or have the option to be removable depending on the situation and intended use. Many attendees of music festivals continue to wear the wristband long after the event takes place and this shows how comfortable the products are. Fabric wristbands can be considered as eco-friendly as they can be recycled once used. Minimum order for personalized fabric wristbands is 100 units and production time is approx 8-10 days. Discounts are available on bulk orders where prices can work out at just 15c a band including full colour print and choice of lock. See below case studies of how Fabric wristbands are used in everyday inudstries. 

 Product Score/5 Description
Pricing 4 Fabric wristbands offer incredible value on large orders of over 500 units. For smaller orders of 100-400 units the initial setup costs mean that the total price is not as cheap as Tyvek wristbands. No setup costs charged. 
Durability 5 Fabric wristbands are highly durable and completely waterproof. They can be worn for months and sometimes even years! The product is unrivalled when considering long term use in outdoor or indoor settings. 
Customisation 5 Sublimated wristbands offer the most flexibility in terms of design and intricate details. The print method allows high quality print including gradients and shades of colours. Woven wristbands can also be personalized but there are limits to what can be included with this type of product. 
Minimum Units 4 100 units minimum quantity & no set up fees. 
Delivery Times 4 Delivery of Fabric wristbands is approximately 8-10 days from confirmation of artwork. 
Branding 5 The total Printable area is 350mm wide * 15mm high where logos and text can be added together with any design elements. 
Security 5 Fabric wristbands are supplied with standard barrel locks that ensures once the wristband is worn it cannot be removed or exchanged. 

Please note that production time for Custom Fabric Wristbands is approximately two weeks from when the order is placed.

If you have a deadline sooner than two weeks we offer a Super Express production method which takes approximately 6-10 days. This option is available in the cart section and can be chosen at that stage.

Please contact our sales team if you have any specific deadline so that we can confirm which production method is possible. 

Can Fabric Wristbands be worn at Festivals?

  • Both fabric wristbands music festivals have exploded in popularity in recent years and they are synonomous with each other. Each festival has its own branding and image which they can easily transfer onto either woven wristbands or sublimated wristbands. Organisers can add their logo and text in full colour and even add social media icons or official hashtags. RFD wristbands are also very popular for festivals to control purcahses electronically via the chip in the band. 
  • Fabric wristbands are the most durable product on the market and can be worn for weeks or months without showing any signs of wear and tear. The barrel lock ensures that the wristband cannot be transferred once worn and this ensures the security of any music festival. Festival wristbands are completely waterproof and lightweight which makes them ideal for outdoor settings such as campsites and festival arenas whatever the weather!

Can Fabric Wristbands be reused?

  • Clients looking at Fabric wristbands need to decide if they wish for the band to be locked once worn. We offer different locking mechanisms including metal, plastic and even bamboo! Woven wristbands are supplied with a plastic barrel lock as standard and this ensures that the wristband cannot be removed once applied. For those who require the band to be removed and reused there are metal and plastic beads which enable the wearer to slide the wristband off. 

  • Sublimated wristbands are made from premium material and are an ideal long term product. The life span of a fabric wristband is measured in weeks and months rather than days and fabric wristbands are a secure option for organsiers to control entrance to any events. Whilst tyvek wristbands offer a way of identifying guests they can only be worn for up to 2 days and as such cannot be worn for longer term use such as multi day events, festivals and conferences. 

Summary of Fabric Wristbands:

Use in Nightclubs: 3/5

Fabric wristbands are such a popular product due mainly to their durability and fact that they can be worn for weeks at a time without degrading. This positive point is mostly lost for nightclub operators where events are mostly taking place over just a few hours and do not require a longer term solution. Customized Tyvek wristbands are more suited for this type of short term use such as to identify persons on a guestlist or with table bookings etc. Of course, fabric wristbands can be used for specific events or for VIP guests as they are a superior product when compared to the paper wristbands. Nightclubs would be best served by sublimated wristbands as this type of finish allows for fine details to be printed including detailed logos and even gradient effects.

Use at Festivals: 5/5

Fabric wristbands it seems are almost tailor made for such events that they are infact sometimes called Festival wristbands when people are talking about them! Organisers of festivals are looking for a product that is long lasting and will not need replacing over a long duration of time and fabric wristbands provide this. They are also waterproof which ensures that the band will not degrade even when subjected to showers / rain / mud or any other inclement weather that can be expected. The barrel lock option ensures that the wristband cannot be removed once applied and this ensures that only those who have tickets can gain entry to the festival site. Woven wristbands have eco-friendly components and this appeals to organisers looking to keep their festival carbon neutral where possible.

Use by Charities: 3/5

Charities have such a wide variety of potential uses for wristbands, that it depends on the event or intended use as to whether fabric wristbands will be the ideal product. The product that comes to mind when thinking of charities is Silicone wristbands which are used for fundraising events or awareness campaigns. These bands can be removed and reapplied by the wearer which is a great plus point for volunteers or those supporting a charity. Fabric wristbands can also be removable when selecting a plastic or metal bead and they offer a cheaper unit price on any orders of over 1,000 units. Another plus point that woven wristbands offer is that they can be used for both adults and children, whilst silicone bands would need to be ordered in a number of different sizes.

Use in Hotels: 3/5

Hotels tend to use wristbands to easily identify their long term guests and the board basis that they are entitled to. Traditionally the product that many businsess in the hospitality sector have used is Vinyl wristbands which are both durable and also waterproof. Customized vinyl wristbands are slightly more expensive then fabric wristbands and also have a longer lead time in production. As such Fabric wristbands are a viable alternative for use in hotels and offer the same security and waterproof traits that are provided by vinyl wristbands. The standard barrel lock ensures that the wristband cannot be removed once applied and sublimated wristbands offer print in full colour including a logo and website. The use of fabric as Customized hotel wristbands is growing slowly and we expect it to continue.

Use at Events: 4/5

With so many different type of events taking place at venues across Europe on a daily basis, we are ideally placed to offer our suggestion as to which wristband is most suitable. If the event is short term and lasting up to 48 hours then Tyvek wristbands are the cheapest and normally sufficient. However if the event is taking place across multiple days or even longer then fabric wristbands are an ideal solution. Customized event wristbands offer the opportunity to fully personalize the product and include logos and text in full colour. A barrel lock option will ensure that the wristband cannot be removed once it is applied and enable organisers to control entrance to the event. And should it be required that the band can be removed during or after the event, then a simple bead lock will allow this. 

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