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At Wristbands Europe, we have been proudly supplying Customers large and small for years and is considered one of the market leaders. By far our most popular product are Tyvek Wristbands – both Plain and Personalised. These are printed and despatched same day and can arrive within 24 hours with Express Delivery. With a minimum order quantity of just 50 units the paper bands are ideal for small gatherings such as Stag and Hen events. Due to their one time use adhesive strip it is not possible to transfer or re-use a tyvek wrist band without showing clear signs of tampering. The ease and cost of this product has made it incredibly popular with venues wishing to limit entrance to those patrons who have met the necessary criteria and paid any relevant fees. Design your personalized stag wristbands with any message or inside joke for everyone attending. With our express hen wristbands we can even print additional bands if you have any late joiners to the group!

Bachelor and Bachelorette events are often relatively small and 100 units would be an ideal order size. Additionally, Hen and Stag dos are often held over a number of hours which ties in nicely with the life expectancy of a Tyvek Wristband. With a full colour selection and full colour printing available we can create a Wristband ideal for your group.

Tyvek Wristbands benefit from the lowest minimum order of 100 Units for both Plain and Printed options. Many other suppliers charge a set up/plate fee but we do not and 100 Printed Wristbands are available at just €10.00. Our unique printing method allows us to produce customised wristbands for all occasions including Hen Do’s, Stag do’s and Birthday parties. We can personalise the Wrist band to include names, dates, social icons and even hashtags for everyone to upload memories of the event. Wristbands are often used for Stag Dos and are an ideal way to identify all members included in the group and easily identify who has entry to specific venues. Some organisers even decide to add a contact number in the event that a reveller gets left behind or lost! Many daytime and night time venues use Hen Do wristbands to easily identify members of the group and access to any venues. 

Personalised wristbands can carry additional information such as special offers at bars or clubs. At certain events a tab or kitty will be open behind the bar and anyone with a Wristband can enjoy drinks without immediate payment. Some places will host private parties in a certain section of their venue and the use of Wristbands helps to distinguish who is or is not part of any particular group. Our online designer can be used to design the ideal Wristband for your Hen, Stag or birthday event in full colour for just €10. Plain tyvek paper wristbands are also available by clicking here and start off at just €5 for 100 units. 

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