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Event Wristbands are being used across the world on a daily basis by organisers of both small and large scale events. Logistics teams are streamlining their operations by capitalising on the benefits which Wristbands offer. The bands are primarily used as an ideal way of manage attendees but some also double up as a momento kept by attendees after the event is finished. Wristbands Europe provide a full range of Wristbands including Tyvek wristbands, Fabric wristbands, Vinyl wristbands and Silicone wristbands. All of these hich are suited for different types of events depending on how long the event is scheduled to last and if the wristbands should be removed or not. All of our Event Wristbands can be fully personalised and customised to your requirements with fast delivery time across Europe and best prices.

Event Wristbands for Festivals

Entrance management is the key focus of many Event Organisers to ensure that the relevant entrance requirements have been met. Entry to festivals or large scale gatherings can mean thousands of people needing to be checked by security as fast as possible. Event Wristbands are a great way to identify guests and they can be applied within seconds at an entrance or check point. They are also waterproof and tamepeproof ensuring that the band cannot be transferred after it has been applied. Tyvek, Fabric and Vinyl Wristbands all carry locked closures which makes them perfectly suited for this task. Different colours/designs can be used to distinguish between VIP guests, backstage staff, alcohol age verification, etc. Security staff are able to visually check what colour wristband a patron is wearing and will immediately know if they are able to access the venue or even a specific part of a venue such as a guestlist or VIP only area. All staff will find their job much easier when guests are wearing Wristbands. However big or small your event is – Event Wristbands could be extremely helpful to you.

Event Wristbands
Event Wristbands

Security is a key focus of many Events and Wristbands provide an ideal cost effective solution. Tyvek Wristbands are designed for events lasting 1 or 2 days and are extremely economical. The self adhesive closure is completely tamper proof which prevents any Band being transferred to a third party without clear signs of tampering being evident. As such, paper tyvek wrist bands allow the wearer to easily be identified throughout an event. Tyvek bands also carry sequential numbering as standard to assist with attendee reconciliation when an event has concluded.

Unsure of which product will be best suited to your Event? Our team have years of experience in the industry and will be able to guide you towards the most suitable wristband option. Whether your event is large or small, ticketed or complimentary, long or short in duration, etc we have got you covered. Catering for birthday parties, stag and hen events, festivals and charity events among others. We take the stress out of customizing and ordering Event Wristbands allowing you to focus on other aspects such as logstics, marketing and safety. 

At Wristbands Europe we can ensure you receive the right wristband for your particular event. We stock and supply millions of Wristbands right across Europe and look forward to assisting you. We know that organising an Event big or small is hard work but rest assured that Wristbands will be the least of your concerns. Even if your event is just a few days away – We can still help you as some of our Wristbands can be personalised and delivered within 24 hours. 

Silicone Wristbands for Events

Score: 3/5

Summary: Silicone Wristbands could be an ideal solution depending on the type of Event being organised. If the event is ticketed or requires an entrance fee then a Silicone band may not be the best solution. If the event is free entrance and open to the public a rubber silicone band would be a great way to promote a specific brand/sponsor or raise awareness for a particular cause or charitable initiative.



  • Silicone wristbands are available in various sizes ideal for young children right through to adults. Rubber wrist bands are very comfortable to wear even over long periods. Silicone wristbands are extremely durable and can be worn for months or years after an event concludes.
  • Rubber wristbands are an excellent way for a brand to engage and connect with members of the public and potential customers. This type of Wristband are frequently used as giveaways at product/brand launches where consumers can show their support and generate awareness by wearing the wristband long after the launch.


  • Due to their transferable nature Silicone Wristbands are not well suited to events which require a ticket/entrance fee. They can be removed and given to third parties which would potentially compromise  the security of attendees and the event itself.
  • Minimum order for Silicone Wristbands is 100 units which may not be well suited for smaller events. Lead time is approximately 2 weeks which means they are not the fastest option available.

Fabric Wristbands for Events

Score: 4/5

Summary: Fabric Wristbands have become increasingly popular at Events which last a number of days. They are often found at festivals and events and can be worn for weeks or even months. Woven wristbands are extremely durable but can still be personalised to an Event organisers requirements. Fabric bands can be manufactured with either a locked or fixed closure depending on the requirement.



  • A long lasting solution which is ideal for events taking place over multiple days. Fabric bands can still carry text, logo, etc of the Event.
  • Locked closure offers the security that a Fabric Wristband cannot be transferred to a third party. This ensures only entitled guests gain access.


  • Fabric Wristbands are delivered in approximately two weeks which might rule them out as an option for those on a tight time frame.
  • Unit price on smaller orders is more expensive than Tyvek Wristbands due to manufacturing costs.

Tyvek Wristbands for Events

Score: 5/5

Summary: Tyvek Wristbands are hugely popular with event organisers for a variety of reasons. Paper tyvek bands are fast, cheap and ideal for events lasting 1 or 2 days. They are even completely waterproof which is ideal for outdoor or water based activities. Tyvek bands can be fully customised with text, logos and even QR codes. They can be applied in seconds making them a breeze when faced with entry and exit points of any specific event.



  • Paper wristbands can be customised and delivered within 24 hours. This quick turnaround is a key point for organisers on a tight deadline. Events with differing areas and levels of access such as backstage wristbands / VIP wristbands can use different colour bands for easy identification.
  • Tyvek wristbands are the cheapest product available and start from €0.03 per wristband. The single use adhesive means that Wristbands will clearly show any signs of tampering. This makes them very useful at paid events where entrance is against a charge/ticket.


  • Tyvek Wristbands have a useful life of 24-48 hours after which time they will show clear signs of wear and tear. If your event is longer than this a Tyvek Wristband would need replacing.

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