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Paper Wristbands have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use and the price and speed at which they can be produced and delivered. Customised and Plain paper bands can be delivered within 24 hours. Despite feeling like paper, these bracelets are actually a combination of reinforced paper and thinly strung plastic which makes them extremely durable. If a paper tag is applied correctly it cannot be removed or transferred to another person without showing clear signs of tampering. The adhesive area which seals the Wristband closed is a one time use product which is ideal for 1 or 2 day events.

The official name for this type of Product is Tyvek but many people refer to them as paper due to their thin and light feel. Entertainment venues find this product extremely useful as they can be customised to any requirements. Different coloured tags can indicate the level of entrance a patron has or whether personnel can gain access to restricted or backstage areas. VIP guests are often given paper or tyvek Wristbands to easily identify them. With 19 colours to choose from event organisers are spoilt for choice. Full colour printing is available for a custom made product tailored for each wristband order.

To ensure we can meet even bulk orders within 24 hours we stock millions of paper wristbands ready for despatch immediately. Our chosen courier partners offer a fully tracked service so customers can monitor the progress of their Wristband delivery. Event organisers are often sure of accurate numbers of attendees until just a few days before the event takes place. With our Express service there is no need to estimate the number of guests expected. Both 19mm and 25mm paper tags are available although we recommend the 25mm which gives a larger printable area for your custom printed design to be visible.

Paper wristbands are the cheapest and most popular product available on the market as they offer a secure and cost-effective entry management system for businesses and individuals. The product is made from a mixture of paper and Tyvek material which when combined brings about the strength and lightweight flexibility that the wristband offers. Once applied a paper wristband cannot be removed without showing clear signs of tampering meaning that the band cannot be transferred to third parties. The specifically designed adhesive area ensures that the band can only be used once and any attempt to reapply the band will not be successful.

Also known as Tyvek wristbands, they are an ideal short-term entry management solution used most commonly at one off events lasting 1-2 days. They are normally used to control access and entitlement to certain areas such as back stage access, VIP access, guest list, open bar, etc. Plain paper wristbands allow easy identification at events for security staff and organisers whilst also offering customisation by adding printed details such as text and logos. Our interactive online designer encourages uses to create a unique wristband design by choosing one of our 19 wristband colors and adding up to 2 lines of text in several fonts. For those wishing to add further customisation, logos can be uploaded too and positioned together with text onto the printable area of the band. To begin designing your personalised wristband, click here and start adding text and logos as applicable. To order plain wristbands click here. We are available on LiveChat or by email should you have any queries about how paper wristbands can assist your Organisation or event.

Price for Paper Wristbands

Units Per unit Price
100 10c €10
200 10c €20
500 9c €45
1,000 8c €80
2,000 7c €140
5,000 5.5c €275
10,000 4.5c €450

What are Paper Wristbands?


Tyvek Wristbands are commonly referred to as Paper as they feel very similar to strong paper. These tags are a combination of paper and plastic and are extremely durable as a result. They are extremely common at paid for events/locations as they allow the Organisers to control entrance. Paper tags also help to differentiate between different groups of attendees. An extremely popular product due to the cost and speed of delivery

How long can Paper Wristbands be worn?

 Paper wristbands are ideal for events lasting 1 or 2 days. Tyvek will start to deteriorate after 48 hours making these bands unsuitable for long term use. Paper tags are 100% waterproof and will remain useful even in water based environments like Pools, Aqua Parks, Etc. The product is one time use and cannot be re-used or passed on to other patrons without tampering being clearly evident. If you have a function or event lasting a day or two the Paper Wristbands are ideal.

How much are Paper Wristbands?

Plain and Printed Wristbands are both available from €0.04 per band. Both blank and fully customised tags can be delivered within 24 hours if Express Delivery is chosen at the Checkout stage. Minimum orders of 100 units mean this product is ideal even for a very small event or gathering. 100 Plain Paper Wristbands at €5 with 100 personalised printed Wristbands at €10.00. Discounts automatically calculate for orders exceeding 500 units bringing the cost per Wristband even lower. Click here for a full price list of all products.

What colour are Paper Wristbands?

We stock millions of Wristbands to ensure we have all colour options in bulk quantities. We offer 15 solid colours and 5 Stripey colours which have proved extremely popular with our Customers. Gold and Silver Wristbands are often used to identify/highlight VIP guests attending an event. With our online design feature you can customise your Wristband online by choosing a suitable colour and then adding text, logo, social icons, etc. For bulk orders we can print the same design on different colours to provide additional flexibility.

How can I order Paper Wristbands?

Plain Paper Wristbands can be ordered by clicking here. For those customers looking for customized Paper wristbands, start creating a unique design using our interactive designer. First step is to select a colour and then add text, logos, social icons, etc as required. Both Plain and Printed Wristbands are despatched Same Day to ensure a prompt delivery. Start off by choosing the desired colour of the wristband and then add text and logos as required. Despite the very reasonable price, our Paper tags are of the highest quality and we are confident you will be happy with our product.

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