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Custom printed vinyl wristbands for hotels and events

Vinyl Wristbands (also known as plastic wristbands) are the ideal product for multi day events. The highly durable product can last for over 2 weeks in the harshest of conditions without showing signs of wear and tear. These type of wristbands are commonly found at hotels use as a way of monitoring the board basis of visiting guests – All Inclusive, Half Board, Bed and Breakfast, etc.

The plastic self-locking clasp is completely tamperproof allowing peace of mind that the wristbands will not be transferred after being applied. Vinyl wristbands are a one size fits all product, with the same product being able to be worn by an adult or child. Custom printed vinyl wristbands can be achieved through a number of different ways as explained below;

Regular – Standard size available in a number of colours and option to print text and/or logos
Narrow – A narrower look to the standard size which is more comfortable for the wearer
Wide face – A larger print area to include additional lines of printed text
Tabbed – These come with up to 7 detachable tabs to be used as drink / food tokens
Bars and Nightclubs use Tabbed Vinyl Wristbands where Patrons remove a Tab in exchange for a drink.

  • Minimum order 100 units
  • 10 day lead-time
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Nontransferable
  • Extremely durable
  • 4 wristband types available
Quantity Price Shipping
100 €105.00 €13
200 €135.00 €15
300 €160.00 €15
500 €260.00 €18
1,000 €320.00 €20
2,000 €430.00 €38
3,000 €550.00 €70
5,000 €750.00 €100

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