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Identity Wristbands is an area that is relatively new to the market with technological advancements being made on a regular basis. In years gone by, Wristbands were relatively simple and lacked any IT element which could help make them a mainstream product. As things currently stand, Identity Wristbands can act as a payment system and identifier all at the same time.

Basic Wristbands were introduced to the market decades ago as a way to distinguish who was/was not entitled to attend a certain event. A different colour of Wristband could indicate whether someone had Regular, VIP or Backstage access to a certain event. As technology has evolved the use of Wristbands has exploded. Events can now print Barcodes or QR codes on Wristbands to generate more engagement with the wearer.

In more recent times RFID technology has been introduced to Wristbands which opens up an exciting new chapter for Wristbands including that of identification. As such Identity Wristbands are a great way to control access to venues or events and also to easily identify groups of people.

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For years hotels have been burdened by the loss of traditional key cards which grant access to a specific hotel room. These losses create a security risk in addition to the cost of replacement key cards and time spent by staff resolving the issue with a hotel guest. It is near impossible for a hotel guest to lose a Wristband which they are wearing containing identification data. Hotel Rooms and facilities can now be accessed by wearing a Wristband programmed with your information.

Where are Wristbands used to identify individuals?

Hotels also use Wristbands to identify which guests are staying with them on a different basis of accommodation. A guest staying on an All Inclusive basis might be given a particular Wristband which makes clear to staff members that no additional charges are due or payable. Another guest on a ‘Room Only’ basis could wear a different Wristband which indicates that charges may apply for certain amenities, food or drink.

Wristbands can be useful at conferences or trade fairs to identify who is attending as a guest and who is an exhibitor or host. Other forms of identification are easy lost, misplaced or can even be maliciously swapped or sold. A personalised Wristband solves all of these issues in one go as it cannot easily be removed or transferred without clear signs of tampering. Identity Wristbands can be fully customized and one of the main uses in large hotels all around Europe.

Identity Wristbands
Identity Wristbands as shown with Custom Printed Tyvek Wristbands

Schools and colleges are frequent users of Wristbands for various purposes throughout the scholastic year. Wristbands can be used to identify students in a particular class, year or lecture School outings often see children given Wristbands with emergency contact details in the unlikely event they are unsupervised.

Identifying individuals in a Hospital or Clinic setting is also something Wristbands are particularly useful for. A Wristband can be applied to individuals within just a few seconds which allows medical staff to focus on more pressing matters. A wristband could communicate important information such as allergies to others.

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