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What is an RFID Wristband

RFIDs Wristbands, or Radio Frequency Identification Wristband is basically a smart wristband which can be programmed to store required information about the RFID Wristband holder. Specialized readers or scanners are used to scan the RFID Wristband which then transmits the data via encoded radio signal to the backend system without requiring any physical contact. The process of reading and receiving info from an RFID Wristband takes less than a millisecond which makes it ideal to reduce queue times at large events or festival.

RFID Wristbands for Events

In recent years, many events and festivals have been switching to RFID Wristbands to make both the organiser and the customers experience significantly better. The unique bands can be used to streamline the process of entry due to the easy and fast scanning speeds. The bands can also be used to eliminate cash purchases at bars. The RFID Wristband can be topped up with cash before or during the event to make the process of buying drinks easier for everyone. The bands can also be used to control entry into restricted areas like VIP or Staff Only areas while also holding information like personal identification numbers or social media details.

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Recently, some festivals have been using data gathered through RFID Wristbands to identify high traffic areas and times on site to make improvements for their next events. They can also be paired with mobile apps to help find your friends at an event or even receive notifications to avoid a currently highly congested area.

RFID Wristbands

What is the benefit of using RFID Wristbands

Since the data stored on the RFID Wristband can be customized and even edited in milliseconds, the benefits of using RFID bands are truly endless. RFID Wristband credentials cannot be duplicated which eliminates ticket fraud. A single RFID access point can process up to 2500 entries per hour which drastically decreases wait times. Bar transaction speeds will be significantly reduced which in turn will increase revenue generated. Data collected can tell organisers exactly when people went in/out, which areas they visited, where and when they made purchases. This data can be used to make improvements for future events.

RFID Vs Barcode Wristbands

You can think of RFID tags as the Barcodes of the future. While both RFID Wristbands and Barcode wristbands(which can be printed on any type of our customizable wristbands) have to be scanned, RFID bands are better in every aspect. RFID can be scanned faster since they don’t need to be oriented in a specific direction and can process the data faster than a barcode. While barcodes are read only, RFID allows organisers to read, write and even modify data in real time. RFID Wristbands are also much more durable and secure than Barcodes since barcodes can easily be reproduced.

Other RFID Applications

Some common uses for RFID applications include:

• Retail sales
• Inventory management
• Inventory control
• Asset tracking and equipment tracking
Vehicle tracking & tolling
• Healthcare
• Pet and livestock tracking
Cannabis Cultivation
• Cargo and supply chain logistics
• Access control in security situations

This is only a limited list. People around the world are constantly finding ways to revolutionize their industries using RFID

Types of RFID Wristbands

RFID Wristbands are made by implanting an RFID chip into a Wristband. We can offer RFID Wristbands in Fabric, Silicone or Tyvek. We would love to be able to offer an outright price for RFID Wristbands but since its a fairly new product and is VERY customizable, prices may vary depending on which type of chip is required in the wristband and number of units required. Please contact our sales team for more information by or by calling +356 9999 0566 . Production time is about 2 weeks from order.

RFID Wristbands