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What are Silicone Wristbands?

Simply put, cheap silicone wristbands are usually worn around the wrist to show support or raise awareness about a current issue or charity. Some may also refer to them as rubber wristbands, charity wristbands or athlete wristbands. These all describe the same product: a lightweight wristband made from plastic which usually has some text printed or inscribed on the surface. To make these wristbands, a mould needs to be made using silicone as the base material. Colour is added later. Customers may chose any colour and then add logos or text to the surface using one of three different methods. Please visit our silicone wristband page for more details on these different types of finishes to help you chose the best one for your design.

These cheap custom silicone wristbands are extremely durable and can be worn for months without any tearing or colours fading. Their durability is what makes them a favourite for charities and organisations to raise awareness about their brand. They can be worn while swimming and in direct sunlight which also makes them ideal for kids. They can easily be removed and put back on when necessary. In this blog, you will find 5 easy steps to design your own wristband using our own online designer tool. Below are some images of custom silicone wristbands we have made for customers over the years

Why do athletes wear wristbands?

Some athletes have in recent years started wearing silicone wristbands to show support for any organisations or charities they want to help. Probably one of the most famous athletes to wear a silicone wristband regularly is Lance Armstrong who used to wear the bands to promote his LIVESTONG charity although recently, many other famous athletes and celebrities have started using these bands to show support for their favourite charities. Sports teams are also known to create personalised wristbands with the names of their most prominent players for the fans to wear with pride! We would love to be able to fulfil any order, no matter the size, however due to setup costs to create the mould, the minimum order for custom silicone wristbands we can take is 100 bands.

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Design your own custom wristband

Customers can now design their own personalized bands in minutes using our new interactive online designer tool. This easy to use tool is a recent addition to our website to allow anyone to design and and preview their bands, starting with the desired colour. Customers can also design bands with 2 colours to match any event or corporate colour scheme. Next, customers can add text or logos to the surface of the wristband and see live previews of what it would look like while different elements are added. We do however recommend to keep the design as simple as possible to have the best looking band as wristbands with a lot of information can be hard to read. Click here to start to Design Silicone Wristbands using our online tool. Please also check our Trustpilot page where we are proud to have a 5* Trustpilot score from over 100 reviews.

Cheap Silicone Wristbands

Kids custom wristbands

Cheap Silicone Wristbands can be custom made for adults, teenagers or children. We offer 4 different sizes to cater for charities or organisations who have a younger target audience. Customers will be asked to chose the size and quantity of bands after they have chosen the colour and design. The standard adult size is 202mm in width which is suitable for persons aged 18+. Our 180mm wristbands are suitable for teenagers between 12-18 while our 170mm wristbands are recommended for Kids aged between 8-12. Our smallest bands are 160mm and are recommended for kids between 4-8 years. Please note that the 100 band minimum order applies to each different size as a new mould needs to be created for each size. If more than 1 size is required, there will be a charge of €25 to cover the mould creation fee.

How long do Cheap Silicone Wristbands last?

One one of the best selling points for silicone wristbands is their durability. Their longevity makes them one of our most popular products since they can be worn for months without being ripped or losing any colour. If taken care of, these cheap wristbands can even last years. Printed wristbands can suffer from some wear and tear around the print after a number of months if worn daily and in different conditions. The premium debossed + colourfill finish bands are known to last for years as the engraved part of the wristband is filled with ink which protects it from the elements. We believe that this product will exceed your expectations when it comes to durability. Cheap silicone wristbands are ideal because they can be taken off and put back on whenever necessary and while taking them off is fast and easy, they can still be worn while exercising, swimming or showering without causing any damage.

How long do customized wristbands take?

We can normally deliver custom silicone wristbands within 2 weeks from order confirmation. Factors like quantity of bands, kind of finish, how many colours and different sizes may effect the delivery time so if you have a specific delaine that needs to be met, please contact our sales team during office hours using the live chat feature on the website or by calling 0035699990566 or by email on We usually carry a stock of PLAIN silicone wristbands which can be delivered within 1-2 days of order being placed. We usually stock the following colours: red, yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, white, blue and black. The minimum order for plain silicone wristbands is 50 while the minimum for custom silicone bands is 100 bands. We offer discounts for orders of over 500 units. Free shipping is not available for silicone wristbands do to the weight but our express shipping option ensures tight deadlines are met.

What are Silicone Wristbands used for?

Due to their durability and ability to be used multiple times and even by multiple persons, silicone wristbands are one of the most versatile products we offer. They can be used by charities and associations to spread awareness for their cause. Some charities give the silicone bands out to volunteers or donors who can wear them with pride. Others may sell them for a small fee or donation to raise funds for a particular cause. Silicone wristbands are also popular with sports teams and helps build team spirit throughout all members. We have also supplied children’s care groups with bands to help them split kids into different groups or classes and even building sites to identify staff members. The options are endless!

How do I order Silicone Wristbands?

Custom silicone wristbands are made on request and are fully customisable starting from the base colour to the type of printing required. Weather its 100 bands or a large order of thousands, we have the right product for you! With the ever-growing importance of social media, we also offer the option to include QR codes in the design so people can scan and be directed to your page of choice. Our website will give a preview of what the wristband will look like when produced. If you need to upload or send us some artwork, please send it as PDF, PNG or JPG. The standard dimensions for silicone wristbands is 202mm by 12mm in height. For more information including the different types of finishes and prices of silicone wristbands click here.

Custom Silicone Wristbands