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Amusement parks are so much fun because they offer interesting games and rides for people of all ages and genders. There’s something for everyone. The Parko Paliatso in Cyprus sets an excellent example of what amusement parks are all about. An interesting feature of the park is the use of premium custom fabric wristbands with RFID technology. Not just another piece of souvenir, the RFID wristband is a big help for the on-ground team at the park, who facilitate the best experiences for visitors every day. 

In this high-tech world, the use of wireless devices of IoT has helped wristbands create RFID wristbands that use radio frequency tags for scanning purposes. Both RFID and fabric wristbands help big amusement parks manage traffic and crowds effectively. 

RFID Wristbands

About Parko Paliatso in Cyprus

Established in 1999, Parko Paliatso was established by Vali Amusements Ltd. in Ayia Napa. Conceptualised as a fun and entertainment zone, the place attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is one of the biggest parks in Cyprus, spread across 30,000 sq meters with a parking area for almost 300 cars simultaneously. 

It takes about three hours for visitors to cover the entire free-to-enter park. The place has about 24 rides and attractions, separated into three categories – family rides, extreme rides, and kiddie rides. The SlingShot has the record of being one of the highest in Europe, featuring an ejection seat at great height. Extreme rides include SlingShot, Booster, and Street Fighter. Family rides include the Giant Wheel, Caterpillar Coaster, Wild Mouse, Ghost Train, etc. The Kiddie section includes rides like Safari Train, Mini Wheel, Bungee Trampoline, and more.

Other than the rides, the place offers multiple arcade and carnival games. There are numerous food stands, bars, a free playground area, and a restaurant. 

How Premium Custom RFID Wristbands Are Making a Difference In Parko Paliatso?

Visitors to Parko Paliatso get free premium-quality wristbands that help the ground staff and guests at the park in many ways. 

For Guests

  • The bracelets – even though these are not personalised wristbands – help guests access rides and entertainment zones conveniently without being stopped by anyone. The colorful Tyvek wristbands offer seamless access. The staff instantly recognises the color of the brands on visitors’ wrists and accordingly facilitates entry and exit for visitors.
  • Visitors get unlimited free rides and access to selected attractions with the Premium Wristbands. 
  • Kids and adults have to wear wristbands of different colors. It helps make the place safer. The ground staff can easily understand if a kid is trying to access rides meant for adults only and escort them to the right zone for fun and entertainment. 
  • Using their RFID wristbands, guests can conveniently access numerous services like saving photos to their email accounts. Similarly, if the staff needs to upgrade a guest, they can easily do so hassle-free. 
RFID Wristbands

For On-the-Ground Staff

One of the challenges that the ground staff faces in a big spread-out area like Parko Paliatso is controlling a huge crowd consisting of adults and kids. With demarcated zones – extreme rides, family rides, and kiddie rides – and wristbands to distinguish between visitors of different ages and interests, the logistics can be managed with ease.

Cashless Payments

A big benefit of RFID wristbands is that it helps promote cashless payments. These hi-tech wristbands have a facility wherein customers can link their payment information with their accounts. Thus, these facilitate easy purchases, be it while buying tickets for rides or ordering food and drinks at the restaurant or bar. Thus, no need to carry wallets, cash, or credit cards. All the visitors need to do is scan their wristbands, and the purchase cycle is completed. Parents can even use the wristbands to set spending limits for their kids. 

Security Measures

Wristbands help in reducing the risks of gatecrashing. Thus, the chances of counterfeiting are addressed effectively. The security team can implement tighter access control measures on the ground. One added advantage of RFID wristbands is that the chances of theft are reduced, and the risks of losing these bracelets are almost negligible. Also, if the wristband gets lost or stolen, visitors simply need to report the same to the security team to deactivate it. 

Effective Use of Ground Staff

Wristbands help reduce manual labor to a great extent, which is why they are a great support tool for on-ground staff. Lesser numbers of staff members can be deployed at entry gates of the park, rides, and facilities. These team members can be used within the park for visitor assistance. 

Data Collection & Analysis

RFID wristbands can be a big help in collecting & analysing data, allowing management to improve services in the park. The wristbands offer live views of various data points that help managers improve decision-making. By eliminating various bottlenecks logistically, they can enhance guest experiences.

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RFID Wristbands