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Order Plain Wristbands in Europe from one of the leading suppliers of identity solution products. We supply Plain Wristbands to customers in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and France in a wide range of colours. Our products are made from top quality materials and we offer the best wristband prices and fast courier delivery to all European countries. At Wristbands Europe we supply businesses and venues with both plain and printed wristbands, which they use in the daily running of their establishments.

The most common way they are used is to control entrance or restrict access to a venue. They can also be used to identify different groups of people easily. The most popular type and cheapest wristbands in Europe are the tyvek wristbands – which are sometimes called paper wristbands. Additionally there are also silicone wristbands – which are made from rubber plastic, these are sometimes called charity wristbands. And lastly we also offer vinyl wristbands which are common at hotels or long term events that last a number of days.

We are proud to supply customers with all 3 of these plain wristbands in a variety of colours. We hold a large number of the products in stock and they are ready to be sent out from our facility the same day they are ordered. With our express courier service customers can sometimes receive next day wristbands if in a major city. Below find a brief summary of each of the three products and photos as an example of the colours we have in stock.

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If you have any queries about Plain Wristbands in Europe you can contact our sales team either via the live chat feature or else via email For immediate assistance feel free to call us on +35699990566 or use the same number for whats app. Order the cheapest Plain Wristbands in Europe today with great colours such as red, white, blue, yellow and green. Plain bands of any material are a great way to separate groups of people or children – and at a very low cost. See how they can work for you or your organisation and easily identify groups of persons with the colour they are wearing.

For customers who would prefer to add customized print to the wristband we also specialize in custom printed wristbands too. It is ideal for venues that are managing entry and do not want anyone use to plain wristbands to gain entry without a ticket. Customers can add the name of the venue or event onto the wristband so that it cannot be copied. Our online designer tool gives users the chance to upload logos and add text to create a unique design. A live preview is shown on screen to help users visualize how the final product will look. Click this link to start designing personalized wristbands in Europe today.

How much are Plain Wristbands?

Tyvek wristbands are definitely the cheapest wristbands and also the fastest in terms of next day delivery for customers on a tight deadline. They are perfect to control entrance at venues such as nightclubs, sports stadiums, waterparks, hotels and conferences. The item can be applied very quickly and cannot be removed or transferred once it is worn. Paper bands are extremely cost effective as prices can be as little as 4c per band. Sometimes called paper wristbands they are made from a mixture of tyvek and paper material and are completely waterproof. The product can be worn for up to 48 hours before it starts to deteriorate. This makes it ideal for day events where the band is expected to be worn for just a few hours.

Below are some of the colours available for plain tyvek wristbands including solid colours and also stripey. Recently we have added a checked variety which are very easy for security staff to see – especially at night. Tyvek bands adjust to the size of the wrist when it is put on, meaning that both adults and children can use the product without needing different sizes. This is a great feature of the product and makes it very easy for event organisers to control entrance. Plain Wristbands made from tyvek start at 5c each for a minimum order of 100 units. Larger orders benefit from discounted prices and customers who order 1,000 units or more will find the price is just 4c a band. Click to order plain tyvek wristbands in Europe with the best prices.

Plain Wristbands Tyvek
Plain Wristbands – Plain Tyvek Wristbands

What size are childrens wristbands?

Silicone wristbands are a great long term product that can be worn for months or even longer. The item slides onto the wrist by placing it over the hand and it can be removed and then worn again very easily. This makes it ideal for regular use such as to show as a supporter of a particular charity or cause. The wearer can remove the band when the situation requires it and then put it on again when they wish. The rubber material that makes up the product is very durable and waterproof so they can be worn in the shower or even whilst swimming. The item is popular with charities or for fundraising events. Silicone wristbands are available in both plain and printed versions and we supply both.

In terms of sizes it is important to note that children and adults require different sizes. Roughly speaking children aged from 6-12 would be suited to a size that is 160mm or 170mm in diameter. Teenagers from 13-17 would be suited to a size that is 180mm and adult size is 202mm. We stock a number of adult Silicone Plain Wristbands at all times and these can be purchased and dispatched from our facility with express couriers to any address in Europe. Popular colours in stock include black, white, red, blue, green, yellow and orange as per the below image. We do not stock childrens silicone wristbands but can supply these with a production time of approximately 7-10 days. Just let our sales team know the ages of the children and they will make a recommendation as per the above sizes. Prices start from just 50c per band for Plain Silicone Wristbands in Europe in a variety of colours. To order plain silicone wristbands click here for the best prices and delivery in just 24-48 hours.

Plain Wristbands Silicone
Plain Wristbands – Plain Silicone Wristbands

What colour are plain wristbands?

Vinyl wristbands are a very long lasting product that are ideal for use measured in weeks rather than days. It is a premium product that is a step up from tyvek – meaning it lasts much longer. The plastic material is very durable and it normally comes with a self locking mechanism that means once the band is worn it cannot be removed. This is ideal for use at hotels for example – where guests wear the wristband to show that they can use the facilities and restaurants for example. The most common type is known as L shaped vinyl wristbands and these are supplied as both plain and can also be customized to include print. Vinyl Plain Wristbands are available in a variety of different colours as per the below chart – although not all colours are in stock for immediate dispatch. The bright colours such as neon green and yellow are the most popular as they really stand out. The product is one size fits all and can be worn by people of any ages, which makes them very flexible. Contact us via email on to order plain vinyl wristbands and let us know the colour/s you need and the quantity. If items are not in stock there is a production time of about 7-10 days. Prices start from 50c each band and orders over 500 units benefit from a price reduction.

Plain Wristbands Vinyl
Plain Wristbands – Plain Vinyl Wristbands

That is the overview of plain wristbands in Europe and the 3 most common types that are supplied to our customers. Tyvek, Silicone and Vinyl bands can also be customized to include print such as text and even logos on request – and this is recommended for certain venues or businesses. Our sales team look forward to answering any queries you may have about Plain Wristbands – and to guide you through the purchase. Check with us if your required items are in stock and if so they will be available with express delivery to your address in 24-48 hours. See how wristbands can work for your business or venue today and how easy it is to identify people. Our 5* score on Trustpilot from over 100 customer reviews gives you peace of mind that our team will look after you and deliver a top quality product. For plain wristbands in Europe speak to us and consider the matter sorted.