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Hotel stays have undergone transformational changes in the last few decades. From incorporating sophisticated amenities to offering hi-tech services, a lot has happened to the hospitality industry in Greece. In recent years, the industry has been experimenting to offer enhanced and all-inclusive services to their guests. In order to facilitate seamless services, many top hotels and resorts in Greece have adopted the use of custom printed wristbands on their properties. There are different types of wristbands – fabric, printed, silicone, Tyvek, and so on. There are different styles, too. Most importantly, these wristbands serve as a branding tool for resorts, spreading their name and brand through word-of-mouth publicity.

If you have been looking for a trusted name in the custom wristband industry, you have arrived at the best place because Wristbands Europe is an industry leader in Europe. There’s an assortment of designs, materials, colors, and styles that you can order from the site. The expert team ensures cost-effective pricing and goes the extra mile to fulfill your order for bespoke hand bracelets. 

Custom Printed Wristbands

Hotels in Greece & All-Inclusive/ Custom Printed Wristbands

All-inclusive packages are one of the best ways to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime in Greece. That’s because almost all aspects of hotel stay are taken care of by the property, adding a next level of comfort and convenience for in-house guests. 

What Does All-Inclusive Stays Mean?

The all-inclusive packages in Greek hotels include all three major meals of the day and local alcoholic and non-alcoholic soft drinks. This is the standard set of inclusions a guest can expect. Hotels and resorts often add other services and amenities, for example, spas, gyms, etc. It could include entertainment activities, afternoon or evening snacks, and more. 

Most all-inclusive services are available for guests until midnight, though these are extended if guests opt for 24-hour services. One of the prerequisites for availing of all-inclusive services is that guests must wear custom printed wristbands of a specific type so that the staff can instantly recognize them and offer free entry to areas serving free meals, drinks, and other inclusions. 

The custom wristband is linked to the card or account of the guest, facilitating immediate payment of charges for services incurred by them. In other words, as long as the guests wear the wristbands and remember their room numbers, they are free to access any part of the hotel (as per their package inclusions) without the stress of carrying their wallets, cash, credit cards, etc. 

  1. Losing the custom wristband means that the band will be replaced by the hotel. Some properties may offer it free, while others may charge you for the same.
  2. If guests accidentally miss the all-inclusive meals during the buffet service, they can call up the room service for food and drinks. However, this, in most cases, will be charged.
  3. Most all-inclusive hotels in Greece require guests to wear a certain kind of attire for dinner. It is best to check with the front office during check-in.
Custom Printed Wristbands

Types of Custom Wristbands for All-Inclusive Stays

The good news is that wristbands today are available in a variety of materials at different price points, for example, custom fabric wristbands and custom silicone wristbands. Each material has its own set of pros and a few cons. Here’s a brief description of the different types. 

  1. Custom Fabric Wristbands

Wristbands from good-quality cloth materials are comfortable, soft, last long, and can withstand wear and tear for longer durations. There are three most popular types – sublimated, woven, and satin. Customization of fabric wristbands can be done with respect to color, design, size, and closure options. 

  1. Custom Silicone Wristbands:

Silicone bands, made from a synthetic rubber-like material, can be printed with logos, brand messages, slogans, etc. These wristbands are quite popular amongst event organizers, hotel management, and also end-users. That’s because these are considered versatile accessories by many. The good part is that customized silicone wristbands in Greece can be embedded with built-in technology to enhance the quality of stays for guests. These wristbands also come in plenty of color choices. Additionally, these are usually affordably priced and are eco-friendly. The most common reason why hotels and resorts use silicone wristbands for all-inclusive guests is because these are highly durable with minimal chances of getting worn out.

  1. Custom RFID Wristbands:

Benefits of Using Custom Printed Wristbands for All-Inclusive Guests

  • Helps in Smooth Operations: Custom printed wristbands help the hotel staff and executives recognize all-inclusive guests with ease. Thereby, they are able to offer guests faster and easier access to services included in their package. Smart customized wristbands also help save time as guests can use their bracelets to pay immediately for services used.
  • Improve Security: Since guests can be identified easily with custom silicone wristbands, the security team can easily track guests across the property. One glance at the color or style of the wristband is enough for them to understand that the guest is a part of all-inclusive services at the resort.
  • Age Identification: When guests of different age groups need to be given access to various service points, custom silicone wristbands are an effective tool for the staff. For example, if guests below a certain age are not allowed alcoholic drinks, the staff can easily recognize them. They do not have to spend their time checking IDs and age proof. Another common example is that of kids accessing pools or entertainment zones. Different colors of custom wristbands help differentiate kids of certain ages for easy access to age-appropriate spaces.
  • Useful for Branding: Wristbands are like mini-billboards that help spread the word about the Greek hotels cost-effectively. The resort’s logo and branding can attract attention when guests go back home and talk about their exciting stay. Like word-of-mouth, these wristbands, like many other promotional merchandise help promote the property at negligible costs.


To enhance guest experiences, many luxurious resorts in Greece have integrated custom wristbands into their operations. These bracelets, without making a huge difference to their budgets, are helping them offer excellent services to all-inclusive guests. If you are a hotel owner or manager in Greece and looking to introduce all-inclusive packages for your guests, contact Wristbands Europe for guaranteed quality and solutions.

Custom Printed Wristbands