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Event managers and companies understand the need for admission wristbands. The bands help make events secure because trespassers can be stopped easily. Though these wristbands are commonly used at venues like stadiums, theaters, concerts, theme parks, nightclubs, etc., they can be used in different settings. 

Let’s get to know more details about admission wristbands for events. 

Admission Wristbands

What are Admission Wristbands?

These bands are utilized to offer entry and admission to an event venue. When people wear these hands on their wrists, they can enter or exit the venue without being stopped or questioned. There are no delays at all, which is a big plus point at crowded events. 

For event managers, the wristbands are a big sigh of relief as they can seamlessly keep an eye on the eye. With RFID-embedded chips, the admission wristbands can help attendees make payments instantly. Their safety aspects can be addressed without any stress. Event managers can count attendees with perfection. 

Criteria for Admission Wristbands

For effective working, it is crucial that these bracelets should be:

  • Tamper-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Stain-resistant 
  • Properly sized 
  • Durable

Working with leading wristband companies like Wristbands Europe is a stress-free affair. With a meticulous understanding of the specific purposes of different types and categories of wristbands, the team ensures superior performance and top quality. Offering customization to the last detail, the team works to design stylish and secure wristbands for events. 

Benefits of Customized Admission Wristbands

Facilitate Access Management

Paper Admission wristbands are game-changers in the domain of event management. These are affordable means for organizers to control the event completely. The wristband acts as a gate pass, allowing entry to legitimate attendees. Today, wristbands are technologically advanced embedded with barcodes or smart chips.

 The best part about these wristbands is that frauds or gate-crashers are prevented from entering the venue. Even if copies of the wristbands are made, event managers can quickly identify people wearing illegitimate or fake bands. 

Additionally, event managers get to verify the age of attendees. For example, if an event is meant for people 21 years or above, the wristbands act as an ID for age verification. VIP attendance wristbands are given to people who can access extra benefits on a paid basis or have paid to enjoy additional bonuses. 

Another aspect of letting attendees wear smart wristbands is that the attendance can be tracked in real-time.  Event organizers and managers get insightful data related to various aspects, helping offer seamless guest management. 

Compared to paper tickets, wristbands are superior in every which way. These are durable and waterproof and can be incorporated with smart chips, logos, messages, images, etc., to facilitate guest management efficiently. Though an initial investment is required for custom wristbands, costs are still pretty affordable and, in the long run, work out to be cost-effective investments. 

Compared to e-tickets, wristbands are a cheaper alternative. 

Safer Entry Access

As event organizers, if you want to make the event safe and secure, you must use attendance wristbands. For example, specialized wristbands are advised to prevent people from accessing the backstage area. Besides helping identify paid legitimate attendees, the wristbands control attendance. 

Gate-crashers can be kept out easily. The same is the case with trespassers. The entry process is also expedited – admissions can be quick, decreasing the queuing and waiting times. The bracelets are scanned faster compared to paper tickets. 

If the event has different areas to access, then differently-colored bracelets can be used to indicate accessibility to designated areas. Similarly, different levels or degrees of entry can also be represented by different styles and colors of bands.  For example, red-colored bracelets can be for VIP areas, green admission wristbands for general entry, and yellow for specific areas. 

The on-the-ground staff can facilitate admission by using color-coded wristbands. 

Admission Wristbands

Types of Admission Wristbands

On the basis of durability and customizable options, vinyl and Tyvek materials are the most used to create wristbands for events. Both last for quite a time and are typically unyielding. Both materials can be customized with logos, graphics, and texts. has an assorted array of options to pick from. Contact us today for timely deliveries of Tyvek and vinyl wristbands. 

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek is the best material if your event extends to a few days. That’s because the material is one of the most durable. Tyvek is recyclable, waterproof, and comfortable. In most cases, these wristbands are equipped with an adhesive closer and can be used for short-term use.

    Thus, the paper admission wristband can be used for a long time without wear and tear. Also, Tyvek Wristbands are commonly used at water and theme parks. 

    Vinyl Wristbands

    This material is also durable and can be used long-term. These are convenient to use, too. Customized wristbands made from vinyl are engineered with a 3-layer type of vinyl. The Vinyl Wristbands have a plastic snap closure, meaning the wristband is destroyed once removed. Vinyl admission wristbands are used for bars, nightclubs, amusement parks, hotels, resorts, campgrounds, water parks, and theme parks.

    There are different types of customized vinyl wristbands – regular, narrow, and wide.

    Vinyl Wristbands

    Also known as rubber wristbands, silicone is ideal for long-term use, too. Easy to wear and inexpensive, Silicone Wristbands are easy to design and available in multiple colors. The thickness and size can vary, allowing event promotors and organizers flexibility. 

    Silicone is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It is safe for all skin types. The material is waterproof and comes in different styles. 

    To create admission wristbands, you need to select the color and add text and graphics. Finally, when the design is approved, you can place the order on Wristbands Europe.

    Order Admission Wristbands at Wristbands Europe!

    Helping improve security and facilitating access management, admission wristbands can be configured flexibly and priced affordably. The admission process can be seamless, helping organizers tremendously. Organizers have better control of the crowd and resources. Contact the best people in the industry for all your wristband requirements –

    Admission Wristbands