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Printed Lanyards have become a very popular product in recent years and can be found at offices, warehouses and conferences all across Europe. The item is worn around the neck and is used to easily identify someone or to carry something like an ID badge or keys. They are very useful and practical for people who spend time on the go and helps them keep all their important items together. Custom Printed Lanyards take advantage of the opportunity to brand the item with the organisations logo or text. With so many people wearing lanyards nowadays it stands to reason that some should be personalized and include relevant information that shows which organisation the wearer represents. Customized Lanyards offer a practical use while at the same time also double up as a great way to get some added brand exposure. 

Our custom Printed Lanyards are manufactured using top quality material and accessories and are available in a variety of sizes. The standard width is 20mm but we also supply both 15mm and 25mm width on request. We offer 4 main types of material lanyards – and all of these can be customized to include logos and text. The 4 materials that lanyards are made from are polyester, nylon, sublimation and woven. All of these materials are made to last and are highly durable and strong. For the safety of everyone wearing our lanyards we strongly recommend – and include as default – safety breaks. This is a small clip that is not visible when worn that means if the lanyard is pulled or trapped it will break off and avoid serious injury. Both plain and customized lanyards are available in a whole range of colours that can be matched to your organisations scheme. 

As the image across shows, bright coloured lanyards with text and logos give a great opportunity to showcase your brand or organisation. Most companies opt to include their logo together with a motto or tagline or website. Any type of print can be included on a sublimated lanyard – including QR codes and effects like shadows and gradients. Lanyards are most commonly used as a way to display ID badges or similar items around the neck. We have been supplying top quality identity solution products such as wristbands and lanyards for 10 years and are here to help with any queries you might have. Speak to our sales team and send us your artwork or logos you wish to include and we will work on a digital proof to show how the product would appear. 

Printed Lanyards

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Frequently asked Printed Lanyard Questions

Can you print on lanyards?

Yes you can print on lanyards in various techniques depending on the lanyard material. For example dye sub printed lanyards use a technique where the design is dyed directly into the surface of the lanyard. Woven lanyards create a design by intricately weaving the different coloured threads together. Silk screen printed lanyards are made by printing onto the material which raises it off the lanyard. These are all different ways to print on lanyards and prices for each type can be found on the below table.

How do you make custom printed lanyards?

Custom lanyards are made by incorporating a unique design or style and printing it onto the lanyard material for a professional end product. The material first is dyed to be the colour required and is stored in long rolls before passing through a machine. Personalized woven lanyards are made by combining different colour threads that are woven together to form the required design. All types of different messages can be conveyed on printed lanyards with a variety of colours and icons.

5 steps to making printed lanyards

1. Select the required printing method from dye sublimation, woven or silkscreen.
2. Select the size and background colour of the lanyard
3. Add the required logos and text to produce a unique printed lanyard design
4. Choose the required accessories from various clips and buckles
5. Confirm the quantity of lanyards required and proceed to order

What is the best material for lanyards?

Polyester is the most commonly used material for both plain and printed lanyards. It is lightweight and flexible but also very durable and strong, making it ideal to be worn around the neck. Dye sub polyester lanyards are smooth to touch and have the design printed into the material directly using dyeing inks. It is very popular for customized lanyards as it can be used to print in high detail and means background colours can be exactly as customers require. Plain polyester lanyards are available in the most regularly ordered colours such as red, blue, green, yellow, white, blue and black. All lanyard materials can be customized and are available via our website.

What size are printed lanyards?

Lanyards are normally 900mm in total length from one end to the other. When the lanyard is worn around the neck it is 450mm on both the left and right hand side from behind the neck until the middle of the chest. This is a standard size and suitable for teenagers and adults. The material can sometimes be extended by an additional 100-150mm with either a buckle or an extendable pull reel. Both accessories can be added to the end of the lanyard if required. In terms of width, printed lanyards can be either 15mm, 20mm or 25mm. For most people 20mm is a popular size as it allows enough space for custom logos and text to be included in the message.

Can you put a badge reel on a lanyard?

Yes you can include many different types of accessories on a lanyard and they are attached by sewing them onto the end of the material. As standard most lanyards are supplied with either a metal claw or clip at the end and a safety break behind the neck. Retractable badge reels can be added and are ideal for when an electronic fob will be attached to the lanyard. In this way it can be pulled up and touched onto the entry pad before retracting back into the compartment. ID badges are another very popular item that attaches to a lanyard and they are available in different sizes and in both vertical and horizonal formats. Most plastic pockets are standard business card or credit card sizes which is 85mm * 55mm.

How I can I buy recycled lanyards?

We offer lanyards made from recycled plastic when customers choose for sublimated lanyards. The lanyard material is made from rPET which stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate and refers to any PET material that comes from a recycled source rather than the original virgin material. These eco friendly lanyards are made using recycled materials and are often ordered by those conscious of their carbon footprint. There is a small additional charge for the recycled lanyards but it is a small price to pay for knowing that you are helping the environment as best you can. Speak to our sales team today about how to order lanyards made from recycled material. 

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  • Minimum order 50 units
  • 10-12 day production time
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Different clips and buckles available
  • Extremely durable and strong
  • Four different material types
Quantity Sublimated Polyester Woven Nylon
100 €140.00 €150.00 €200.00 €200.00
200 €230.00 €240.00 €270.00 €270.00
300 €295.00 €295.00 €330.00 €330.00
500 €400.00 €400.00 €435.00 €435.00
1,000 €650.00 €650.00 €720.00 €690.00
2,000 €1,100.00 €1,050.00 €1,150.00 €1,100.00
3,000 €1,560.00 €1,450.00 €1,560.00 €1,540.00
5,000 €2,500.00 €2,200.00 €2,325.00 €2,330.00

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