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Launched in 2011, Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos is a part of Kanika Hotels & Resorts, one of the leading hotel groups in Cyprus. Located on the Blue Flag beach, it is a prime beachfront property featuring a Waterworld, landscaped gardens, and characteristic Olympic Lagoon Resort wristbands, offering all-inclusive luxurious experiences amidst scarlet sunsets under the Mediterranean sun. 

The custom wristbands at Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos stand out as these help elevate the all-inclusive stays of guests. 

Olympic Lagoon Resort wristbands

Olympic Lagoon Resort Wristbands for All-Inclusive Stays

This luxury resort in Paphos offers engaging inclusions for guests booked on their all-inclusive packages. Customised all-inclusive Olympic Lagoon Resort wristbands help guests get exclusive access to various services. 

Guests are given custom fabric wristbands during check-in and are supposed to wear them at all times within the resort. One of the biggest benefits of all-inclusive wristbands at luxury resorts like Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos is that they authorise guests to access package inclusions at all times without interference and interruption. Guests who do not wear their wristbands may be denied the promised services as a part of the package. 

Colors of All-Inclusive Olympic Lagoon Resort Wristbands

  • Gold Wristbands are worn by adult in-house guests booked into Deluxe rooms and Family Junior suites.
  • Blue Wristbands are worn by adult in-house guests booked into Deluxe Superior Rooms, Whiterose Suites, and Fisherman’s Village Rooms.
  • Green Wristbands are for in-house guests aged less than 18 years. This set of guests is not served alcoholic beverages. 

Olympic Lagoon Resort wristbands for non-resident guests as day passes are also available. These passes are meant for banqueting guests or guests who are present at the resort for the whole day for an event. 

Olympic Lagoon Resort wristbands

Exclusive Inclusions for All-Inclusive Guests at Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos

Guests wearing the all-inclusive custom fabric wristbands at Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos get to enjoy high-end holiday experiences, especially with unlimited access to superior gourmet spreads and culinary experiences. These include:

  • Lavish buffet spreads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the buffet restaurant called Royal Olympic.
  • Al-carte dinner at six dinners and four themed restaurants, including The Snackeria, the snack coffee bar.
  • Locally sourced High-quality ice creams at Blue Lagoon Pool Bar (10:00 – 18:30), Royal Olympic Restaurant (18:30 – 21:30), and Rock & Roll (till 23:00).
  • On arrival, one bottle of mineral water, two packets of orange juices, and two soft drinks were in the mini-fridge.
  • Daily replenishment of One bottle of water.
  • Unlimited choice of refreshments and drinks in 4 bars and lobby lounge.
  • Choice of international alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from top brands between 10:00 and 23:30 hours.
  • A range of delicious hot and cold snacks, including desserts, will be available from 10:30 at The Snackeria, the contemporary snacks outlet. 

Importance of All-Inclusive Wristbands at Resorts

Resorts like Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos are popular as all-inclusive destinations. Such destination resorts offer a range of amenities and services, including entertainment options. To facilitate staff in quickly identifying guests and enhance guest safety, all-inclusive wristbands are fast becoming a preferred one-stop shop for many luxury resorts. Without the wristbands, guest identification can be time-consuming for resort employees and staff.

  1. Custom wristbands Are Effective in Preventing Counterfeits.

One of the most significant issues faced by the staff at all-inclusive resorts is recognising guests of all-inclusive packages. These bands also help in identifying in-house guests from non-resident guests. Thus, there are minimum chances of counterfeits because wristbands, whether plastic, vinyl, or custom fabric wristbands, are quite affordable.

A simple glance at the wrist of the guest helps the staff identify unauthorised persons on the property. When the wristband is customised with the resort logo, name, message, or a unique design, an additional layer of security is added. When special events are organised, the hand bracelets help the security staff spot gatecrashers, who try to enter and take advantage of promotions without paying for them. 

As a policy, most all-inclusive resorts mention that the wristbands are non-transferable, making them safer for guests and convenient for the staff.

  1. Identifying Guests of Certain Age

As we mentioned earlier, green-colored Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos wristbands are for in-house guests who are less than 18 years old. This set of guests is not served alcoholic beverages, and sometimes, their entry to bars is also not allowed. Thus, the staff can easily differentiate between guests who prefer alcohol and those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. 

Therefore, there won’t be any need to recheck the IDs of the guests for age identification. Thus, the process is sped up, making the entire process smooth and seamless.

Outdoor Durability

Similarly, guests can easily access pools or specific areas based on the age-appropriate hand bands they are wearing, ensuring a seamless and organized experience for everyone. For example, kids below a certain age can wear wristbands of a specific color to access entertainment zones. It’s advisable that resorts should opt for vinyl or plastic wristbands in outdoor areas exposed to water and dust for durability.

Resorts utilize custom wristbands to regulate access, restricting individuals under 21 from entering discotheques on the property. Many more scenarios exist where management can utilize bracelets for guest identification and access control purposes.

  1. Help Promote the Resort & Destination

The custom wristbands can easily translate as your outdoor advertising tool, like mini billboards.
When guests wear and take home these wristbands as souvenirs, well-crafted bracelets easily catch the attention of friends, family, and others, thereby enhancing the overall experience. You will be able to get more guests with good recommendations and testimonials.

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Olympic Lagoon Resort wristbands