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Motivating Wristbands are those that have positive or popular Slogans and quotes written onto the surface of the band. They are very popular for persons who are trying to make a change in their lifestyle or for people preparing for a new challenge, to run a marathon for example. The bands are worn daily and can be looked at to give extra motivation during tough times.   

Many Wristbands are now printed or personalised with a Motivational quote or slogan for the wearer. Wristbands are often worn for several weeks, months or even years which makes them ideal to carry a message the wearer can read time and time again. What better way to be encouraged by reading an inspiring and meaningful quote right there on your wrist.

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Motivating Wristbands are often worn in conjunction with a regular wrist watch. As such, every time the wearer checks the time they will catch a glimpse of any Wristband they might be wearing. Including a suitable slogan or quote will ensure your Wristband is worn for a prolonged period of time. And many of these types of bands can be removed and then worn at a later stage.

Motivating Wristbands
Motivating Wristbands can be made from silicone wristbands

At Wristbands Europe we are proud to have supplied numerous endurance events such as Marathons, Bicycle rides and charity walks. A simple phrase such as ‘One step at a time’ can assist competitors during the long hours of training required or in the actual event itself. Some race organisers even include custom printed silicone wristbands as part of the gift pack given to athletes for taking part. It is a great way to show hard someone has worked.

Sports teams often have a phrase or quote which is linked with the club. For example, Liverpool Football Club have become synonymous with the phrase ‘You’ll Never Walk alone’. By including a suitable phrase for your Club, the wearer will feel a sense of belonging which leads to a stronger sense of togetherness within the team/club. As the club colours for Liverpool are red and white it would make sense for the wristband to match those colours and this is possible with our custom printed silicone wristbands.

Many charities have come up with short catchphrases or slogans to emphasise the exceptional work they do. Volunteers and any donors can choose to wear Wristbands with these phrases on to show their support of certain causes. Beyond showing support, the Wristbands may even raise awareness to other people and get them involved with the charity.

Some individuals battling addiction may also choose to wear a Wristband with words of encouragement to get them through difficult times in the recovery process. A contact number could even be included for these persons to get any additional help and support they may require at any given time. As the band is worn constantly it will help during any moments of temptation.

Motivating Wristbands
Motivating Wristbands made from Fabric woven wristbands

Schools and Colleges often distribute Wristbands to their students which contain a quote such as ‘Every School Day Matters’. This small reminder can help the students focus on their studies when they may face various distractions. Motivating Wristbands for children are a great way to form a tight knit community around school and they can even be colour coded to show different classes or age groups.

Nike were a major multi national company to use a slogan or quote on a Wristband when they launched the Livestrong Wristband in collaboration with Lance Armstrong. The yellow Wristbands were wildly popular but were eventually discontinued after the doping scandal involving Armstrong. Other types of Motivating Wristbands can be made from Fabric wristbands which are made from woven material and can be worn for months of even years.

The above are just a handful of examples of Quotes being used on Wristbands. Let us know how we can assist you. Alternatively speak to our sales team via live chat or on email where we can offer any guidance or advice. Our online designers allow users to upload text and get a live preview of how the band will look when produced. Please note that each product has its own minimum quantity and also production time so visit the relevant product page today to find out more.

We look forward to assisting with your Motivating Wristbands order for whichever type of material you choose. Check out our 5* score on Trustpilot with reviews from customers who have ordered from us in recent months and put your mind at rest that you are dealing with a reputable company. With over 10 years experience you are in safe hands when it comes to designing and producing top quality motivational wristbands.